The MISMATCH collection of EQUA was made to prove common knowledge wrong: opposites do actually fit each other. The harmony of leather and glass form a powerful partnership of 2 elegant and long-lasting materials. A firm and resilient glass covered by soft leather. This unusual combination makes the bottle not only more resilient, but also more rebel and special. It’s capacity of 750 ml makes it a perfect partner in the daily hydration process.

Our wonderful and elegant bottle has a screw-top cap, which is leak proof as well. The slightly shiny bottle always makes a good partner in drinking your favorite beverage.

Product characteristics:

  • The brand new MISMATCH bottle has a volume of 750 ml
  • It is made of borosilicate glass
  • It is highly advised against to pour any liquid with a temperature higher than 70 Celsius into it.
  • The leather coating is handmade, coming from Slovenia.
  • The leather coating protects the bottle and retains the liquid’s temperature.
  • There are multiple color combinations available from the MISMATCH collection, namely black and beige.
  • The mouthpiece is perfect for a refreshing sip.
  • The screw-top is made of stainless steel, polypropylene and silicone ring, which is the perfect combination for a 100% leak proof closure that MISMATCH bottles already have. It is not recommended to keep aerated beverages in it.
  • The handle on it’s side makes it easy and practical to bring the bottle wherever you go.

With your purchase, you contribute to the combat against waste production. Be environmentally conscious!

Your perfect gift, with a fancy, elegant design. Simple and sweet! Surprise yourself with it, and bring the refreshing feeling of a fresh beverage with yourself, no matter where you go!

Color choices: black, beige


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