Use this elegant Nutritional Diary to note your daily, weekly or monthly goals. I jotted down that day’s goal (consume 2 litres of water, do 100 sit-ups, 20 minute walk with the dogs, don’t eat cookie after lunch etc.) and it worked wonderfully. Before I went to bed, I ticked the goals that I actually achieved that day. At first, I was cunning, since I’d only written simple goals that were easy to achieve. After that I started to take note of my weight, and it disturbed me when I didn’t see any progress. Then I made a change in setting milestones, with said goals serving weight loss. In 2 weeks, I’ve got accustomed to success and ticking off everything in the evening, and since I’ve set a high standard to myself, I had to keep doing what I did. The only thing standing between success and failure is you. I had a firm belief in my ability to lose weight. The best part in the process was that I could allow myself some “cheating”, which in my case was eating Túró Rudi (Hungarian chocolate coated cheese stick) once a week, yet the process didn’t stop, since I was still hellbent on ticking off those goals. This diary has everything, and the most fabulous thing is that it serves a testament, to your progress and success.

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