However, what really matters is the form of exercise you choose. For example, those who are born in the Twin zodiac sign tend to be “weak in the lung”, which means that their exercise shouldn’t involve much running. Of course, it is a strong generalization, I am sure that there are many good runners who are Twins. All in all, what matters is that you should know your body type, your motivation and fitness levels. It does you little good if your personal trainer says do 20 push-ups and you collapse after doing 2 repetitions, because your arm is weak. Our goal is to recommend the best possible form of exercise for you. If you love what you are doing, because it goes swiftly, then you will have no trouble with motivation either.

Tick your body type and you will immediately find out the best training program for losing weight:

  • Endomorph
  • Ectomorph
  • Mezomorph

If you are unsure of your body type, you will find some help on the link below:


After choosing your body type, you will receive a monthly training program and tips on what to do and how.

Rock that training!


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