After applying, Péter makes contact with you and he will send a nutritional diary, in which you have to note every food and drink you consumed on 2, non-successive workdays and on 1 day of the weekend. Filling the diary takes 1 week at most, after filling it, send it to Péter and you can set a meeting with him on the phone or by e-mail.

The consultation takes 1,5 hours maximum and includes the following:

  • talking about personal goals and ideas
  • recording nutritional anamnesis (life conduct, history of weight, diets, diseases etc.)
  • recording antopometric data (weight, body fat percentage, height, abdominal and waistline measurement)
  • nutritional diary analysis (Péter records the data in a dietetic software beforehand)
  • putting together an “exemplary day”, in which he corrects every nutritional mistake, so that you can see how your daily diet should look like
  • He sends over every sheet and diagram used during the session by e-mail or hands it over, thus making it possible for you to reexamine all the information
  • answers any and all questions that may arise during the session

During the session, you will put together and talk through the 10 day diet.

Having a thoughtfully put together diet is a vital part of losing weight and keeping your ideal shape. A proper diet’s contribution to keeping yourself healthy should not be underestimated.

The custom diet will take personal needs (eating habits), traits (gender, age, physical activity) and goals (losing weight, keeping current weight level) into account when setting the ideal calorie intake and nutritional composition (carbohydrate, protein, fat). The best part of all that is, that you won’t have to radically change your eating habits and you can keep eating your favorite foods. Setting the optimal nutrition ratio means that -contrary to the vast majority of other diet programs-, it does not mean the elimination of any food from your diet.

You will also receive 2 eBook with the secrets!


Important information:

Before application, please take into consideration, that hormonal disease, permanent digestive illnesses, illnesses affecting the kidneys, psychological eating disorders, histamine intolerance, type 1 diabetes and cross-allergy, furthermore pregnancy and lactation mean that he cannot put together diet at all.


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