Why we recommend this coffee blend

It was made of 2 types of green coffee just for you, so that you can enjoy premium quality coffee and get maximum support for burning fat at the same time. It normalizes the metabolism of fat in particular, with keeping the blood sugar level stable, thus reducing your lust for sweet and candy. In the guts, it contributes to mitigating the absorption of glucose, thus whatever you eat won’t be stored, but will leave your body. You already have coffee in your daily schedule, just change your coffee to this one and you’ve already done a lot for yourself!


A coffee, that enhances your weight loss efforts

Drink a mug of green coffee before your meals, so that carbohydrates and fats won’t be deposited. It’s main active substance is chlorogenic acid, which sadly gets lost during the roasting of black coffee. It’s high caffeine content gives a boost of energy, thus making this coffee a useful partner for losing weight.


Why these particular coffees got in this blend?

Guetamala Huehuetenango is one of the highest Central American coffee plants, where the soil contains several valuable minerals and receives a lot of sunshine: that gives it a unique taste which blends butter and fruit together.

The African Ethiopia Yirga coffee comes from the famous, high altitude Koke village, from an organic farm. It was handpicked, got it’s taste in a natural way, and we love it for that. It tastes sweet and slightly vanilla at the same time.

Soft, hamburger roasted blend, which places it on a 1-10 scale at the strength of 4-5, thus preserving this unique, fresh flavor and feminine scent.


Healthy and full of antioxidants

The green coffee contains several antioxidants and more than 200 components. Those suffering from diabetes and insulin resistance can also consume it, since it maintains insulin production, thus regulating the metabolism of fat. It leaves it’s mark on a cell level against harmful free radicals, so that you can feel younger and full of energy.

Silky, chocolate-orange flavored green coffee that aids weight loss efforts

We aimed to create a coffee, which you can with joy even if you aren’t exactly a coffee enthusiast. It’s a golden beverage with a nice scent, the perfect companion to start your day and give yourself the guilty pleasure you deserve.

Drink a cup of our Slim Fit Blend Coffee, and make a personal fat burning session out of a simple coffee break!

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