Why we recommend the Japanese Cherry Blossom Green Tea

The Japanese green tea contains an unusually high amount of minerals due to the volcanic soil and special breeding. Japanese women drink it on a regular basis, and they do so to a spectacular extent, since there are far fewer obese women, moreover their blood vessels, skins and hairs are in a much better condition. It also plays an important role in fat burning and speeding up metabolism as well.

The green tea can aid the effort of keeping calcium in the bones, and enhances the absorption of magnesium, which helps in getting the better of stressful days.


Long and healthy living, effective diet

We know that Japanese women live longer than we do, moreover there are only a few among them, who suffer from obesity. What is their secret? This fresh and natural green tea, combined with rose petals, which will surely present you with an irresistible tea experience. It will also be your supporting cast throughout your diet, so that you can shed calories and get back into shape without suffering.


Helps with bad breath and general well-being

A tea that besides enhancing your weight loss efforts, also has a nice scent, moreover what is true about other green teas, it is true about this tea as well: it contains a higher amount of polyphenol and caffeine than classic black tea, moreover it betters inner detoxication and digestion. It’s antiseptic effect can leave it’s mark in the mouth as well, if you do not add sugar to it.


Rose petals exude fantastic calmness

After pouring hot water on the petals, the volatile substances soothe your mind, and reduce the stress that might rear it’s ugly head during diet anyway. It’s feminine, soft aroma perfectly compliments green tea’s slightly sour smell.

You cannot resist this tea, whether it’s hot or cold. Take this tea with yourself wherever you go, drink at least 0,5 liters every day and you will see your hunger go away.

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