Why we recommend Ginger Fit Herb Tea

Ginger and fresh lemon grass give you the first taste, which soothes your senses and betters the liver functions, thus giving a head start to detoxication processes. Lemon grass is a calming herb, which helps you get rid of excess weight.


Warming, but not spicy

Ginger is one of the oldest herbs, which gives a sense of heat, stimulates the metabolism, strengthens your immune system, reduces coughing, moreover it can clean toxins, thus helping the recovery of your joints. The harmony of these two components bring you that inner balance, which is surrounded by a garden of flowers:

The mallow flowers help in balancing the feminine cycle

The verbena mitigates smaller pains and inflammations, while leaving a positive mark on your stomach, guts and bile.

The golden sunflower petals have a calming effect, which reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also has a slight alkalising effect, thus making sure that your body gets rid of toxins and unnecessary salts.


A good companion for colder days and evenings

After a hard day, we all crave some natural form of relaxation, and this tea gives you just that. It reduces hunger, thus aiding your weight loss and shape keeping efforts.

Take our Ginger Fit Herb Tee with yourself hot or cold, which keeps your blood sugar level in balance and reduces your hunger.

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