What the Secret of Slimness Tea offers

We put this tea together for women, who are both busy and love to live life to it’s fullest extent, so that they can facilitate losing weight or just simply gain back their pre-natal form.


Have you ever seen a fat tango dancer?

The Argentines drink mate instead of coffee, which stimulates, speeds up the metabolism and helps losing weight. Amongst other things, it’s also one of the reasons why Latin-American women are so slim, yet so feminine at the same time. Passionate, vivifying drink with an extraordinary high amount of caffeine and minerals. A tea, that empowers lipolytic enzymes, which help you in dancing off those ugly love handles.


Ingredients full of passion and heat

Ginger is one of the oldest herbs, which speeds up metabolism, strengthens the immune system while causing a feeling of warmth and having a long lasting cleaning effect, thus lending a helping hand in exercise and regenerating muscle tissues.


Healthy herbs included

The high amount of Vitamin C that can be found in rose hip and the rose petals’ detoxicating power gives a feminine, soft feeling of support, while rejuvenating your body at the same time.

The nettle leaf is slightly diuretic, speeds up the detoxification process and the exit of stagnant lymph, hastens cell metabolism, and is also known for it’s slight anti-inflammatory effect.

The verbana reduces smaller pain and inflammation, while having a positive effect on the stomach, gall, and  the guts, moreover it helps with irritation that might occur during your diet.

The camomile serves multiple purposes: it reduces inflammation, has a calming and a slight antiseptic effect, which helps cleaning the body from toxins and other parasites.

Drink Fit Slim – Secret of Slimness every day hot or cold, take it with yourself wherever you go, because once you get into it, it will be of immense help throughout your diet,  so that you can enjoy your brand new, fit shape you’ve achieved with this tea. With proper nutrition and exercise it naturally keeps you in shape in the long term, and makes it harder to gain back the weight you’ve already got rid of.

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