Why we recommend the Tropical Fit Orange blossom oolong tea

The oolong tea comes from China, where it has been one of the most popular beverage against obesity for centuries. It speeds up your metabolism and a slowed down digestive process, while stimulating the body at the same time. It’s main purpose is making sure that the deposition of fat does not happen, that’s why this tea is known as “fat-carver”. It’s high caffeine content enhances your mental capabilities, while bettering the micro circulation of the skin, which makes it more flexible and soft.


Protects the cardiovascular system

Besides helping you getting rid of visible excess fat, it eradicates fat depositions in blood vessels, organs and in the liver. A detox tea, that effects liver functions positively.


Would you like to have a resilient hair and teeth?

The oolong is not simply a slimming tea, but a helpful ally in strengthening tooth enamel, moreover it reduces the acidity of your saliva, which is one of the main reason behind tooth decay.

It also protects your skin and your scalp: you not only lose weight, but you get rid of acnes, eczema and pimples, moreover an overly dandruff-ridden hair gets better too. There are many complaints regarding hair problems during diet, but this tea helps you in negating those harmful effects.

The oolong tea is a great partner to an effective diet and an active life


But why drink it with orange?

Orange, as a herb is included in the tea, since it’s skin and flower contain bioflavonoids, which enhance fast weight loss, contribute to reducing cholesterol levels, thus maximizing the effects of the oolong tea.


The orange’s flavor is nice and energetic

Everyone loves orange, it always feels good to eat it, regardless of what time of the day is it. Bring the Tropical Fit Orange Tea with yourself and satisfy your hydration needs anywhere! It is nice, tasty and extremely effective. It will make your day for sure!

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