Why we recommend the Wellness Berry tea

It’s gentle and supports you immune system at the same time, with it’s main component being elderberry. This dried fruit is rich bioflavonoids, moreover it has kept it’s natural sweet, piquant flavor. Since it can negate the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels, enhance digestive functions and reduces gas formation, it can also be of help in stabilizing the gut flora.


What’s the purpose of raisin?

We didn’t just throw raisin into the mix, because it’s sweet taste. It’s a dried, dark red grape, which contains an enormous amount of antioxidants. The dark raisin is more valuable than the yellow one, since it’s colorful skin is rich in bioflavonoids and Vitamin P, which combats bacterias and viruses. Furthermore, it’s anti-inflammatory and also rich in iron, which is necessary for hematopoiesis.


Gentle and useful combination

The tea is a major contributor to a healthy shape and an effective diet. Due to the fact, that antioxidants get released into the immune system, it becomes much stronger, which is not negligible during a diet. The inclusion of rose hips in this tea is also important, since it contains a high amount of Vitamin C, which supports your immune system in several ways.

The flower of the hibiscus has been an effective method to ease the burden of menstruation, furthermore it plays a positive role in the digestive system as well.


A detox tea, that tastes well

With these ingredients, we can achieve a harmonic, soft, feminine taste, which will help you immensely during your diet, and if that wasn’t positive enough, you can consume it afterwards to keep yourself in shape or just for your own “guilty pleasure”. Bring our Wellness Berry tea with yourself wherever you go, and drink for your own pleasure and health.

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