Why we recommend the White Dream Slim Fast Tea

This elegant and delicate tea is consumed for the aid it provides in losing weight. The different teas empower one another’s effect. The green tea is not simply a detox tea, it’s a lot more than that, since besides helping weight loss and detoxication of the organs, it works all the way down to the cells.

The white tea is a sprout, which can be harvested for 2 days in the spring. It contains every phytohormone, which the human body can make use of. This gem of a tea supports cell renewal, slows down the aging process and bolsters the immune system.


An especially important tea for women

It fits the power and resilience of the female body like a glove. The tea supplies everything that a woman’s body needs in a month, moreover it stimulates metabolism and protects the mucus membrane of the guts. It’s a relatively new information, since in ancient times, only the Chinese emperor had the privilege to drink it!

The white tea also furthers the cause of losing weight in your middle ages, since it protects the cardiovascular system.


The soft, fruity flavor of your dreams

The tea is a prominent exception from slimming teas with a bad taste, since it’s fruity flavor and jasmine scent will make your taste buds weak. It keeps the stomach healthy, while refreshing the body and the soul! You can drink it all day long and it does not matter if you like it hot or cold, it has a fine taste either way. Bring the White Dream Slim Fast tea with yourself in a bottle, and drink it instead of water. It may reduce your hunger, thus making the process of losing weight quite pleasant, with excess fat just melting away as if it was not there.

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